Sunshine Nights

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"If Lou Reed was a folkie, he would have sounded like this EP.”   Stijn de Jong, gek! Muziekblog

"It’s oldtimey and at the same time it’s completely in the here and now... Ferrara’s biting guitar lead reminding of Buddy Guy back in the Buddy Guy/Junior Wells days" Delarue of New York Music Daily

”A Brooklyn Biography is definitely an intense and impressively crafted piece of work that just underlines the fact that Sunshine Nights deserve a prominent place in the vast Americana spectrum for both audience and critics.”   Enrico Alfarano, Americana Routes

”Whilst retaining the feel of southern blues and Americana, time has found Amy and Stephen creating a sound with greater sophistication though simultaneously not loosing the easy strings that gives the music its easy lilt.”   Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands

”Taking their surrounding Brooklyn neighborhood as inspiration for their songwriting, they create and weave stories that make you feel like you're walking the streets with them and taking in the sights, sounds and characters they experience."   Memphis Marty, The Blues and Roots Music Blog

"With each release Sunshine Nights are becoming more accomplished, with this release in particular feeling more raw and real than what has come before. As a result, there is little for the pair to hide behind as they lay their talents bare. The Brooklyn based duo doing their hometown proud.”   Maggie Sapet, AMN Australian Musician Network